Benefits of SVP Newspaper Recyling?

SVP will benefit financially from your newspaper donations.

Help to Reduce the Community's Carbon Footprint - newspapers will be recycled locally.

Support local jobs in a growing, local, community based enterprise.

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  • About Us

    Recycling 2000, a Wexford Community Enterprise, has partnered with St Vincent de Paul for this project

  • Supporting Local Jobs

    Supporting local jobs

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    Read the latest news about the SVP Newspaper Recycling initiative

The Recycling 2000 SVP Newspaper Recycling Scheme

Recycle your newspapers at a SVP Newspaper Recycling Bin and make a vital contribution to the less fortunate in our community. For all newspapers donated, a donation will be made to SVP on your behalf. Over the year, the newspaper collected from an average bin could help a family in need with food for three months of the year.


Pictured above: Eamonn Murphy, Newspaper Project Director, Innovation Wexford; Mary Dempsey, Wexford Area President, Society of St Vincent de Paul and Richard Barlow, Development Manager, Recycling 2000